Jul 2017

Mediating Franchising Disputes Without Breaking the Bank

Did you know that there is a Mediation Advisor for disputes relating to the Franchising Code? The Office of the Franchising Mediation Advisor (OFMA) was established to assist franchisors and franchisees resolve their disputes under the Code and thereby potentially avoid costly legal proceedings.

The OFMA appoints mediators who can assist the parties in resolving their disputes.  OFMA is funded by the Federal Government and does not charge franchisees or franchisors to:

  • contact it and discuss a dispute;
  • enquire about a resolution service; or
  • request a mediator for the purpose of resolving a dispute.

If one party to the franchise agreement wishes to use the Code’s dispute resolution process then the other party must comply.

Industry experienced mediators can also be appointed to assist with the resolution of the dispute if necessary and the fees are capped with the agreement of the parties.

You can find out more about the services available by visiting www.franchisingcode.com.au

For further information, please contact ERA Legal.