Sep 2017

You can’t keep a good man down!

Recognisable across Sydney for his colourful sandwich boards and animated personality, serial purveyor of smiles Danny Lim was this week vindicated by Judge Andrew Scotting of the District Court of New South Wales, in an appeal from his conviction in the Local Court for offensive behavior.

Lim had been charged after being found wearing one of his iconic sandwich boards in Edgecliff in August 2015, using a play on the word “Can’t” to describe then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Judge Scott concluded that the word to which Lim was alluding, which is more often less offensive in Australia than in other English speaking countries, was fair game as part of a robust democracy, overturning Mr Lim’s conviction.

The decision will hopefully embolden Mr Lim in in his quest to bring smiles to the faces of Sydneysiders, something he has been doing successfully for many years.

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