We pride ourselves on more than just knowing the law. While we have the legal skills and expertise to prepare your commercial documentation, it’s our strategic thinking and contingency planning that we apply to your matter that really makes the difference.

We start by looking at the transaction from a litigator’s perspective, asking ourselves how an opponent would try to tear the agreement apart if a dispute were to arise. We then turn the problem around and look at it from all other angles to ensure we truly understand the transaction inside out. Only then do we complete the deal.

It may seem common sense, but it’s this unique ‘extra-step’ approach, combining law with business acumen, that allows us to help you structure the deal to achieve the best possible outcome for both immediate and long-term ongoing returns.

Our team have drafted, negotiated and completed over:

  • 1,000 residential and commercial conveyances
  • 500 business sale/acquisition transactions
  • 250 Shareholder Agreements

We have also drafted, negotiated and brought to sensible resolution countless commercial disputes.