We are the leading specialist insolvency law firm in Australia, but it isn’t just because we have Australia’s largest team of specialist insolvency lawyers.

It’s not because we’ve worked with over 1,000 Australian companies over the last decade.

It’s not even because we’ve appeared in court on insolvency matters for companies in distress more than any other law firm in Australia.

It’s because while other firms take a short-term view on insolvency matters, we’re willing to put ourselves in your shoes and act as though your business is our business, looking at the implications of any action from within your business context and giving recommendations for long-term results. It means we’re there fighting as hard for the best result as you are yourself.

Avoid Administration

When times are tough and your business is in financial trouble, it’s easy to be taken in by those who promise a lot but deliver precious little. The real risk is that before considering all options, you agree to enter into voluntary administration, lose control of your company and never regain it.

Truth is, many businesses facing a winding up application simply need a little more time to gather the funds needed to pay the debt. This is why we developed the ERA Legal Extra Time Guarantee™ – which guarantees a first time court adjournment that gives you time to organise and plan or we’ll waive our fee.

So if you are a business owner and someone is trying to liquidate your company – don’t panic, don’t sign anything, and don’t worry. With ERA Legal on your side, you’ll have Australia’s #1 insolvency specialist team helping you avoid the pitfalls and putting you back on track – and with our recovery record, you may even find yourself coming out ahead.

Over the last decade we’ve appeared in court on insolvency matters for companies in distress more than any other lawyers in Australia, helping over 600 Australian companies avoid administration or liquidation, and recovering well over $3 million of interest and penalties for our clients from the ATO.

We’ll give your business the best chance of avoiding liquidation or administration and, in the unlikely event that administration is necessary, we’ll control the process and protect you the whole way through to avoid fee gouging and unnecessary liquidation.

Reputations take a lifetime to build and a moment to tear down, so when your business reputation is on the line let ours work for you. Call us for a complimentary Before You Sign Session™ (worth $750) and understand how you can use our reputation to keep yours intact.